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At C & I Solutions Expert installation solutions to get you up and running smoothly and swiftly for all his product range in power-cooling-lighting-electrical-facility.

As a world-class systems provider, C & I Solutions provides a proven portfolio of installation services to ensure your critical power systems are designed and delivered to the highest standards. Carried out by our team of highly experienced and certified engineers, our service offering provides comprehensive project management, from initial site surveys to expert installation and Pro Care commissioning to get your systems up and running smoothly, safely and swiftly whatever their size and whatever the application.


At C & I Solutions we know that no two sites are ever the same. Before installing your critical equipment, our experienced engineers will undertake an in-depth site survey covering factors such as business continuity, space and electrical supply and floor loadings. Our detailed and professional assessments any installation is completed first time, on time and without business disruption.


C & I Solutions provides an expert commissioning service to ensure your system is ready to deliver. Our specialists will ramp up your unit and commission it in compliance with the appropriate electronic norms and carry out stringent checks on its operating functions. Our Pro Care commissioning also allows you to benefit from the full protection of your manufacturer warranty.


The standard of work during installation has a direct impact on the reliability of your critical equipments. We provide a highly skilled installation service based on optimum care and professionalism. With all work undertaken by our highly qualified engineers and focused on delivering complete regulatory compliance you can rely on a robust solution build on outstanding workmanship.

AtC & I Solutions, we believe in making our relationship with our clients stronger. We not only sell the products from our platform but also offer our services for the maintenance of the same. Our annual maintenance services are available with regular check-up or with on call basis. We undertake maintenance for the power supply products- UPS AMC, AC AMC, DG AMC and also the complete Power Backup infrastructure setup for the organization.

In order to eliminate any kind of complaint related to Power Equipment like UPS, DG, PAC, Batteries, Solar Systems we offer various type of Annual Maintenance Contract.

  • UPS AMC Service
  • DG AMC Services
  • AC AMC Services
  • IT Systems AMC Services

Today, the biggest concern for any organization in the world is facility Maintenance. It is quite expensive for an organization to have a team of engineers specifically for maintenance. At C & I Solutions, we serve organizations with Facility Maintenance Services. With our team of skilled engineers, we guarantee the industry best services. These unique services help the organizations to outsource their maintenance facility and at the same time helps to cut down their expenditure on the resources involved.


AtC & I Solutions, we provide repair facility to all existing and new clients. We provide customers with on time repair(s) and replacement with genuine spare parts. We carry repairs of Power supply products like ONLINE UPS, High End Inverters, Solar Inverters and Power Back up Devices, DG Sets, Air Conditioners.

Power Quality Audit Services

C & I Solutions offers Specialized Power Quality Audit & Investigation Services.

  1. Input / Output Source Voltages
  2. Frequency
  3. Harmonics
  4. Power Factor
  5. KVAR
  6. Load Amps
  7. KW
  8. Data Trends
  9. Topology
  10. Neutral-Ground Checks
  11. Sags
  12. Swells
  13. Flicker
  14. UPS, Battery & Load Banks
  15. Line Conditioner
  16. Transformer & DG installation Checks.

IR Thermography Services

Thermography Health-Check Service uses world-class Infrared Thermography to analyze the condition of your critical facility's electrical infrastructure and high temperature variations in the facility.

This IR Health-Check provides you with a non-destructive method to proactively investigate and correct potential problems in the facility.

It is available to you as a standalone service or integrated into a regular maintenance program. Infiniti Power will supply you with a detailed IR assessment, enabling you to manage your facilities for desired performance, extend the life and reliability of your infrastructure-hardware, and ensure the optimum level of system availability.

The unique Thermography Health-Check Service is intended to provide a proactive guidance for maintaining the electrical infrastructure and equipment under survey to improve reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. With the gathered site data, Infiniti Power will develop a comprehensive report and analysis that will include recommendations and corrective actions.

Grounding Audit Services & Solutions

Our Grounding Solutions and Services span across IT Data Center Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities and Commercial Buildings.

  1. Ground Current
  2. Pit & Electrodes Inspection
  3. Ground Resistance
  4. Grounding Conductors & Code Compliance
  5. Equi-potential Bonding
  6. System Neutral Grounding
  7. Communication Equipment Signal Reference Grounding verification

EMI Audit

EMI Audit services include:

  1. Measurement of Stray Electric and Magnetic Fields,
  2. Cause of such field, possible rearrangements at site.
  3. Walk-through and ESD measurements,
  4. Compliance to ESD practices including Flooring,
  5. Wristbands and ESD grounding

Energy Efficiency Audit Services

Electrical energy consumption has become a huge cost we identifying saving opportunities, right sizing your panel loads and management of air-conditioning and chiller operations for commercial building & Data Centers.

Data Center solutions

C & I offers the following assessments before we build Data center which help organizations to save costs by streamlining their environment.

Consulting Engagements

  1. Data center site survey
  2. Data center power savings assessment
  3. Virtualization and consolidation study
  4. Network convergence (voice, video and data) study
  5. IT facilities assessment and roadmap

Technologies and Services

  1. Virtualization (servers and storage)
  2. Technology refreshes
  3. Automated provisioning tools
  4. IP voice and video
  5. Structured cabling designs
  6. Modular/scalable data centers
  7. Close-coupled cooling
  8. Power and environmental monitoring/management
  9. Data center design and relocation

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