Electrical & Instrumentation Solutions

Instrumentation & Automation Solutions

Electronics Components, Power & Connectors and Electrical, Automation-Instrumentation & Cabels We are supplying all kind of Electronics Components, Power & Connectors and Electrical, Automation & Cabels like Connectors, Displays & Optoelectronics, Sounder, Buzzer, Fuses, Sockets, Circuit Breakers, Relays, Switches and Explosion Protection.

Instrumentation Solutions

At C & I Solutions We are dealing in all kind of Instrumentation products like Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature, ORP, PH, Conductivity, Humidity, Turbidity, Density, Rotation Transmitters, Rotational Speed and Time Measurement for all major industries like Cement, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Steel Plants etc.

Automation Solutions

Cement Plant Automation

  • Reduced Power consumption.
  • Monitoring of all electrical & power quality parameters from server.
  • Improve Kiln performance and production.
  • Real Time Information is key to cost management.
  • Resource Productivity/Climate Protection/Emissions Reductions/ Ecological Stewardship / Employee safety & health.

Sponge Plant Automation

  • Development of the PLC software, SCADA screens; installation & commissioning of the PLC/Drive along with field instruments.
  • Improvement in product quality.
  • Control and Monitoring of Pressure & Temperature of each zone of kiln on SCADA.

Machine Automation

  • Wire Saw Automation
  • Gangsaw Automation
  • Water Pump Automation
  • Product quality improved.
  • Automatic sequence control with trip, alarm on touch screen (HMI).
  • Saving power consumption.
  • Increase life & performance of machine.


  • Metering and water quality analysis.
  • Metering to know the treatment losses in STP / WTP.
  • Vibration monitoring on pumps to avoid unplanned shutdowns.
  • To match the average pumping rate under steady state conditions to steady state output from a treatment plant.
  • Automatic startups and shutdowns.
  • Alarms and fail safe tripping for protection of equipments.

Rolling Mill Automation

  • Automatic Grade control of different types of bar by controlling water flow & temperature using control Valve and Pyrometers.
  • Synchronization of flying shear speed with TMT bar speed.
  • Auto/Manual Control of all instruments, Motors & VFD's panel & SCADA.

Chemical (SSP/GYPSUM) Plant Automation

  • Centralized control of plant.
  • Acid & Water Flow Control.
  • Ratio control of acid, lime stone and rock phosphate.
  • Cost effective solution