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Today's critical IT and data centre environments demand power quality and power management solutions that are both flexible and adaptable, without compromising the reliability of ypower chain.

That's why C & I Solutions has a driving focus on power quality solutions for enterprise and business IT systems, from network closets to large data centers. manufactures, sells and supports unified data centre solutions incorporating UPS products, enclosures, power distribution, advanced power management and reliability techniques, and world-class services.

C & I Solutions is yone-stop resource for IT power protection, Power distribution needs, Cooling and Lighting for small businesses to large enterprises. IT managers can simplify their operations and reduce total cost of ownership by relying on C & I Solutions for adaptive infrastructure solutions that thoroughly address critical power issues.

Government Sector

Creating a reliable, predictable environment is critical in data centers; especially in the delivery of public services. C & I Solutions growing governmental IT operations support critical applications involving healthcare, education, public safety, defense, and much more.

All of these IT facilities depend on solutions that improve both operational efficiency and reliability. This includes an uninterrupted supply of clean power and the ability to manage increasing heat loads, Heat-Ventilation Air Conditioning and lighting in today's high-density data centers Head To ensure that those needs are met, C & I Solutions offers complete, integrated airflow management, power protection, Lighting solutions for customers at all levels of government. unique approach provides a full range of services from rack-based heat containment to cold or hot aisle isolation and finally the industry's leading line of uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power quality systems.

products for Healthcare industry

Power-Cooling-Lighting-Facility services and management play a vital part in yability to deliver quality care to patients. C & I Solutions protect yIT systems, diagnostic imaging equipment, clinical labs, and facilities and monitoring support systems against a full range of problems from spikes and sags to full power interruptions. C & I offers:

  • Largest selection of highly reliable UPSs for the healthcare industry
  • A trusted and tested UPS solution for major medical equipment suppliers, such as GE Healthcare and Siemens Medical Solutions
  • Award-winning power management software to proactively monitor and manage crucial healthcare systems
  • World-class service offerings deliver the peace of mind that yhealthcare systems are protected around the clock
  • Proper air cooling and ventilation

Industrial Solutions


Securing comprehensive power-cooling-lighting-electrical-utility management can prove a difficult task in harsh industrial environments. Specialized product solutions can protect yindustrial systems against a full range of power-cooling-lighting-electrical-utility problems, even under the most strenuous of circumstances.

The following are a few reasons why so many major airports, international oil companies and other large industrial service providers have deployed C & I solutions Sales & Services:

  • Premium-quality, highly reliable industrial products designed specifically for the rigorous demands of an industrial application environment
  • Award-winning power management software solutions to proactively monitor and manage ycrucial systems
  • World-class service offerings deliver the peace of mind that yindustrial systems are always protected

products for Small and Medium Business

Protect valuable investments in ysmall office and home office (SOHO) and residential systems against power failures, surges and other power-cooling-lighting-electrical-utility problems. All above protection is needed to prevent damage including data loss, file corruption, flickering lights, hardware damage, and equipment shut off/lock up.

For ysmall office or home office requirements, including PCs and peripherals, products can:

  • Prevent power surges and sags from affecting yPC and peripheral equipment with enough battery backup for yPC to ride through most power outages.
  • Regulate power fluctuations and protect yPCs, NT workstations, small servers, hubs and routers.
  • Deliver the added capability of a switching hub to supply power protection to multiple networking units with the integration of the Eaton software and connectivity solutions.

Extended warranty options and best-in-class service plans to deliver additional protection.

Products for Telecom Applications

We provide A 2 Z solutions for every DC-powered communications network application. For central office carrier networks or private businesses, wireless or wireline, local-loop access or long-haul optics.

DC power systems offer many advantages including high energy saving efficiency, high power density, flexibility, and smarter energy control and monitoring capabilities for lower operating costs and reduced environmental footprint.

Products for Banking Sector

products provide optimal power-cooling-lighting-electrical-utility solutions for Banks equipment, ranging from PC and workstation solutions to networking and data storage equipment solutions, cooling solutions, lighting solutions, electrical solutions, facility solutions. We offers a complete line of Banking products.

We offers extended warranty options and best-in-class service plansto deliver additional protection.

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