Power Solutions:


In today's 24/7 on demand world, mission-critical business systems must be available 100% of the time. Downtime cannot be tolerated, which is where an uninterrupted power supply can assist. At C & I Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading power protection solutions combined with service excellence to ensure systems are 'Always On'.

Offline/Standby UPS/ Inverters

The offline/standby UPS offers only the most basic features, providing surge protection and battery backup. The protected equipment is normally connected directly to incoming utility power. When the incoming voltage falls below or rises above a predetermined level the SPS turns on its internal DC-AC inverter circuitry, which is powered from an internal storage battery. The UPS then mechanically switches the connected equipment on to its DC-AC inverter output. The switchover time can be as long as 25 milliseconds depending on the amount of time it takes the standby UPS to detect the lost utility voltage. The UPS will be designed to power certain equipment, such as a personal computer, without any objectionable dip or brownout to that device.


The line-interactive UPS is similar in operation to a standby UPS, but with the addition of a multi-tap variable-voltageautotransformer. This is a special type of transformer that can add or subtract powered coils of wire, thereby increasing or decreasing the magnetic field and the output voltage of the transformer. This is also known as a Buck–boost transformer.

Online UPS

In an online UPS, the batteries are always connected to the inverter, so that no power transfer switches are necessary. When power loss occurs, the rectifier simply drops out of the circuit and the batteries keep the power steady and unchanged. When power is restored, the rectifier resumes carrying most of the load and begins charging the batteries, though the charging current may be limited to prevent the high-power rectifier from overheating the batteries and boiling off the electrolyte. The main advantage of an on-line UPS is its ability to provide an "electrical firewall" between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment.


C & I Solutions believes in influencing and improving the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to people all the time. With innovative engineering, research and deliveries, C & I Solutions has grown with partnerships and information sharing with world leaders in Batteries.

UPS/Inverter Battery

To facilitate smooth functioning in industry, telecom, data center, banking, insurance and in other service institutions, it became necessary to maintain the latest financial software packages, global networking facilities and user-friendly ATM services. This, in turn, has led to a large-scale computerization and consequent need for back-up power or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), to avoid the ever-increasing problem of power failure. The integral part of a UPS is the battery bank. The battery acts as a back-up power source that supports the UPS system. The most popular battery system being used with UPS is the Lead acid battery system. Broadly there are two types of Lead Acid batteries suitable for UPS SMF VRLA batteries and Tubular batteries.

VRLA batteries are flat plate batteries, which do not require periodic topping-up with water and normally do not emit any fumes or gases on a continuous basis. They are best suitable for applications where back-up requirement is usually short, normally not exceeding 30 mins to 1 hour. These batteries are automatic choice where ambient temperature is not very high and space is constraint. C & I Solutions have superior range of products that provide ideal back-up power for UPS systems.

Tubular batteries use a special technology by which the active material is encapsulated in polyester tubes to prevent shedding. These types of batteries are recommended for back up power for UPS where environmental conditions are tough and high ambient temperature are common.

Solar Battery

C & I Soluions has launched its solar flooded tubular monobloc batteries designed to offer reliable, consistent and low maintenance power for renewable energy requirements. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas. The batteries have a capacity to withstand partial state of charge (PSOC) operation. These monobloc batteries are available in 12 Volts from 20Ah to 200 Ah @ C10 at 27 degree C to 1.80 vpc.

Our batteries are designed to give long life in cyclic operations and extremely long intervals in topping up and even total freedom from maintenance. Our batteries can be adapted to use auto-fill systems and air agitation systems for faster charging and avoidance of acid stratification in standby cells. For outdoor applications, we offer batteries in IP55 enclosures. While, our batteries are approved by MNRE, C & I Solutions continues to experiment with new and improved alloys and searching technologies to enhance the life of our solar batteries, reduce topping up, etc.

Genset Battery

C & I Solution Presenting the new, maintenance free Genset batteries with cutting-edge technology for Genset applications. The extra power-packed batteries come with exclusive features to meet the demanding conditions for Genset applications in the Indian environment.

Traction/Motive Power/Vehicle Battery

In many critical sectors batteries are an essential requirement to start electrically operated equipments and keep it running in absence of main power. Forklift Trucks in Material Handling applications, Mining locomotives, Golf Cart, Electric Vehicles, Naval applications- all depend on Exide to fulfil their needs for start up and Motive power.


Our complete range of Generators are useful in providing Power in areas where conventional power supply infrastructure is unreliable. Our product line includes the widest range of Gensets ranging from 750VA to 3000 KVA, with a fuel option of Diesel or gas, a complete range of intelligent switchboards, design & build end to end power solutions for your Captive Power Plants.

C & I Solutions are equipped with the very latest technological machineries. From customized designing and computer aided design system to qualified team of experienced engineers, these facilities add to credibility and superiority of our products and services.


HT Panel

Ranging from 11-33 KVA C & I Solutions as "Manufacturing Business asscociates" to bring to you the most advanced panel-The UNIVAC metal clad MV switchboard. Which is fully equipped with state-of the art CNC machines & latest testing equipment.

Foremost in quality of workmanship and investment in "state of art" technology to manufacture world class HT Switch boards, we have established ourselves as a symbol of quality and innovation in this field.

In recognition of its world-class quality standards our products have been awarded with the ISO 9001-2000 certification.

LT Panel

Foremost in quality of workmanship and investment in "state of art" technology to manufacture world class LT Switchboards, we have established ourselves as a symbol of quality and innovation in this field.


We have been supplying transformers to Thermal power stations, major Steel plants & has esteemed EPC customers. C & I Solutions associated with the leaders in special transformer for application such as Variable speed dives, Furnace duty, Slip-power recovery systems, converter duty as well as multi winding transformers.

Today, in our role as Indian denizens, We contribute to Electrical Power sector through supply, erection, testing and commissing of Dry Type, Oil Type and other types of transformers. All complemented by turnkey projects which have accredited us with distinction and credibility over the pastthree and halfdecadeas.

Solar System

C & I Solutions offers a wide portfolio of solar products range from 100 watts to 100 kilowatts. This extensive solar range is suitable for the smallest residential home systems up to multi-megawatt solar power plants.

Why Choose Solar Energy

Power that's inflation proof and environment friendly

While a majority of the world's current electricity supply is generated from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, these traditional energy sources face a number of challenges including rising prices, security concerns over dependence on imports from a limited number of countries which have significant fossil fuel supplies, and growing environmental concerns over the climate change risks associated with power generation using fossil fuels. As a result of these and other challenges facing traditional energy sources, governments, businesses and consumers are increasingly supporting the development of alternative energy sources and new technologies for electricity generation. Renewable energy sources such as solar have emerged as potential alternatives which address some of these concerns. As opposed to fossil fuels, which draw on finite resources that may eventually become too expensive to retrieve, renewable energy sources are generally unlimited in availability.